2024 Music in the Park Concert Series Monday, April 22, 2024

2024 Board of Directors Friday, February 9, 2024
The Rivermont Community Association Board of Directors for 2024:

President: Megan Gann,
Vice President: Brad Little,
Treasurer: Bob Schneider,
Secretary: Kathy Olsen,
Zach Hahn,
John Schult,
Deborah Branscomb,
Donald Hooper,
Robert Krzyzak,

Committee Chairs:
Architectural Committee: Zach Hahn -
Facilities Committee: OPEN
Landscape Committee: Bob Schneider -
Communications Committee: Don Hooper -
Social Committee: OPEN
PACT Committee: Robert Krzyzak -
Welcome Committee: Brad Little -
Park Committee: John Schult -
Tennis Committee: Jim Zambrano -
Clubhouse Committee: Zach Hahn -
Pool Committee: Kathy Olsen -